Potentials of Ambient Communication Environments

PACE is a interdiscipinary research project of the university of applied science Osnabrück that examines the optimization of communication especially through the usage of new and ambient media. PACE is short for Potentials of Ambient Communication Environment. Partners of the project are for example Stadtwerke Osnabrück.

In this project participatory design was used to develop a communication system. Participatory design (or Co-Design) is a effective tool in an user-centered design process. The customers/users are included in the design process. To be able to design a good User Experience it is necessary to know the users, their characteristics and desires. Otherwise there is the chance that your product does not fulfill the actual requirements.

I worked in a participatory design process as a part of a group of students. This process was meant to identify the exact problems that lead to the negative symptoms in the communication. In multiple workshops we worked together with the busdrivers to accomplish this goal. We finished our work by developing a new concept for communication that is suppose to solve these problems. This concept includes a new web-app that simplifies and summarizes the information that is required for the bus-drivers to do their job.