Serious mobile Game:

Re:construction is a gamified learning experience for mobile devices. I spend more than three years working on the small sized team behind the 'learn and play' project that resulted in the publication of the app for iOS and android devices. We developed this app for people that are interested in studying engineering-related subjects or already started going to university and want to train their basic understanding of fundamental mechanical theories.

I was the only graphic- and/or UX designer working on the project so i had to fulfill various taks, such as game design, character and background design as well as UI/UX design and user testing.

The development was preceded by a long and intensive user research process. We talked to professors, teachers and students to find the biggest challenges during the first semesters. We then started co-designing the learning game with school classes until we found a concept that worked and felt like it could be implemented with the given ressources. Since there was only one fultime-programmer involved in the development, i also supported the coding and implementation with the Unity Game-Engine.